Wednesday, February 25, 2009

56-365 {02-25-09}

A project done!
I just love it!
I saw it done similarly by someone else, and I had to have it!
Thanks to Anne, I got this wonderful drawer (HARD to find with 2x2 sections evenly, thank you very much!).
THIS is why I create!
Thinks wonderful to look at.

55-365 {02-24-09}

Pancakes anyone?

54-365 {02-23-09}

A layout off to Scrapbook Trends.
It still hasn't gotten old, getting published.
This is the 5th time. Nope.
Still lovin' it! :)

53-365 {02-22-09}

I don't LOOK 40, do I? :)

52-365 {02-21-09}

OK, we went to family skate... and I took quite a few pictures... but this picture of Alicia was too good to pass up!
Boogie down girlfriend!

51-365 {02-20-09}

I have no idea why I took this picture.
And it was the only one I took this day.
Some day, all the houses will be built, and there will be even more children running a muck.
It is an incredible privilege, to live in this neighborhood. A blessing. Something to be cherished.
Not to mention, I am the crazy neighborhood watch lady! LOL!
Seriously, if I can see it out my window, well, I'm watching! :)

50-365 {02-19-09}

How long have I known you, friend?
I am proud to be a part of your life!
Congrats on a new chapter in your life!

49-365 {02-18-09}

Sometimes it is nice to look out the window, and be reminded...

48-365 {02-17-09}

Let them eat cake. :)
Another birthday celebration.
Dinner at Red Robin, dessert and Chili's-three molten cakes!

47-365 {02-16-09}

FINALLY I got my ginormous clock up...
which doesn't look so ginormous on this big wall!
(since I was asked) The numbers are wood-I got them on ebay, and I put them up with glue dots.
The clock, I saw one on Pottery Barn (no face, arms swinging from this little center.)
They sold out.
I persisted.
Here at Chiasso, I found one-which is no longer available.
BUT they do have this one, with the numbers included for only $48!
(Though they don't say how big it is.)
It is worth a look, this store.
Lots of fun and modern.

46-365 {02-15-09}

A little but of vinyl can bring a big smile.
I love this little creation Candi sent to me!

45-365 {02-14-09}

A Valentine's treat!
Thanks baby!
I love you too!

44-365 {02-12-09}

Life is better when you can share it with a friend.

43-365 {02-11-09}

It was VERY hard picking an image for my birthday.
But this is the one I decided on.
Because the love of my life decided to surprise me.
He loved me enough to try to do something out of his realm.
I love you sweetie!
Your the best!

42-365 {02-10-09}

Mom 4 moms... and Alicia, gave me this great cake!
I KNOW the love that went into this owl!!

41-365 {02-09-09}

Sometimes, you just get lucky!

40-365 {02-08-09}

A surprise birthday gift.
They called, said they "had to talk to me about something" in that scary parent voice!
I was FREAKED out! :)
ANYWAY, this was the surprise!
My PURPLE schwinn bicycle! Beach cruiser type! LOVE it!
EXACTLY what I wanted! I just need a bell and a basket! :)
I was so excited, I let Jerry take pictures of me in the capris I slept in, wearing boots!
I HAD to try it out RIGHT then!
Thanks Sue and Jerry!

39/365 {2-07-09}

I tease my husband: that this is "geek" training!
My oldest son loves role playing fantasy just like his Dad.
There IS a harmless version ya know! :)
They have so much fun playing together!

38-365 {2-06-09}

Budding artist...
They can't help themselves.
They want to create with my things.
I can't blame them-the temptation!

Friday, February 6, 2009

37-365 {02-05-09}

I spend some time in the car...
I make calls, think about things, pray, discipline, eat, cry, laugh... I do a LOT in this seat.

36-365 {02-04-09}

The simple art of playing.
Gabriel and I-our creations. Potato style.

35-365 {02-03-09}

100 words on "1oo day"...
He can read 100 words... cool!
And proud! {Him and us!}

34-365 {2-02-09}

More visits to the dentist, which are leading to more visits to the dentist!

33-365 {02-01-09}

There is something about the beauty you see in your own children.
It is a gift, and joy and a privilege!
Gavin would give anyone his heart, if they asked-or even if they didn't.


Jerry and Gavin are alike in a way that Gabriel and I are.
Personality and understanding.


My husband playing a borrowed Wii-skiing... too funny!


My favorite tea mug.
I try to drink a cup of decaf. green tea each morning.
It was nearly impossible to get this picture last Mother's day.
They were squinty and not cooperative!
But I still treasure the picture