Wednesday, February 25, 2009

56-365 {02-25-09}

A project done!
I just love it!
I saw it done similarly by someone else, and I had to have it!
Thanks to Anne, I got this wonderful drawer (HARD to find with 2x2 sections evenly, thank you very much!).
THIS is why I create!
Thinks wonderful to look at.

55-365 {02-24-09}

Pancakes anyone?

54-365 {02-23-09}

A layout off to Scrapbook Trends.
It still hasn't gotten old, getting published.
This is the 5th time. Nope.
Still lovin' it! :)

53-365 {02-22-09}

I don't LOOK 40, do I? :)

52-365 {02-21-09}

OK, we went to family skate... and I took quite a few pictures... but this picture of Alicia was too good to pass up!
Boogie down girlfriend!

51-365 {02-20-09}

I have no idea why I took this picture.
And it was the only one I took this day.
Some day, all the houses will be built, and there will be even more children running a muck.
It is an incredible privilege, to live in this neighborhood. A blessing. Something to be cherished.
Not to mention, I am the crazy neighborhood watch lady! LOL!
Seriously, if I can see it out my window, well, I'm watching! :)

50-365 {02-19-09}

How long have I known you, friend?
I am proud to be a part of your life!
Congrats on a new chapter in your life!